Tahiti Papeete Mission
L'Eglise de Jesus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours,
Mission Mormone, BP93
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Papeete Tahiti 98714
Polynesie Francaise


Sam's Family Moves to Boston, Part II

I took so many pictures of Anna!  There are lots more darling ones on my facebook.  A two year old girl is about the cutest thing.  Anna in action is a ball to watch . . . she loves to laugh, talks clearly and cleverly, and loves everyone . . . how special my little grand girls are to Gramma!  I love Anna!

Sam's Family Moves to Boston

Sam's family moved to Boston.  They stopped by and I took lots of pictures of the grandkids since we won't be seeing them as often.  We are excited for them and wish them good luck and great memories, including those of the Cosby Ranch back here in Texas:)  Levi was going on four months old:

He certainly bears a resemblance to his Dad as a baby!   So so cute.  Well, they were going to be in England so I'm glad we had a few months with Levi . . . and Boston is closer than England, so that's another plus!  Lots more pictures on my facebook.

SUMMER RAINS: July 4th, 2010

It was the coolest 4th ever.  Temperatures in the seventies!  Unusually cool for Dallas Fort Worth in July:)     Cloud cover and rain contributed to this.  Joseph was getting ready for his high adventure scout trip and while he was getting a part for his bike at WalMart he and his friend Jacob Cole bought some cheap tubes to try and tube down "Cosby Creek" which runs behind our house in the greenbelt whenever it rains.  Joe, Jacob and his little brother Sam floated on the creek and then headed for bigger adventure on Timbercreek, which was high and wide (30-40) feet, and running pretty fast.  Couple of snakes sunning out on the trail added to the excitement.  The boys had a lot of fun, and an exciting float down Timbercreek.  I have posted an album of pictures on my facebook.  What a great 4th of July!!  This was actually Saturday July 3rd .  . . fireworks that evening to top everything off, plus Joe and Jacob had a wonderful time at their scout high adventure at Broken Bow Lake.  Nothing better than water in the summer!

BOYS AT PLAY: June 2010

Jon's family was headed down to our house in Texas for Anna and the boys to party with us while Jon left from DFW for a business trip he had in St. Louis.  Isaac had been struggling with a virus that seemed to be hanging on for a couple of weeks, but his Doctor thought that he would be recovered and on his way for a fun family vacation; however, something bizarre hit and Isaac ended up in the hospital!  So, I flew up to Nebraska to watch Lincoln and Elijah.  After a few days Isaac was sufficiently recovered (and sufficiently disappointed to not be making his fun trip to Texas), that we all got in the car and drove on down to Papa Van's Texas Ranch:)    Jon and Anna had tickets to see Wicked in Dallas at the outer end of Jon's business trip (which got cancelled), which they were able to use and enjoy!  While I was with the boys in Nebraska, and then for the few days they were able to be in Texas, we had great fun watching the boys play.  I love to watch kids play!  Isaac learned to drive a go-cart by himself, we went to the Flower Mound waterpark they love, and the boys played with Papa Van, the Uncles,  Mom and Dad, and each other.  We are grateful everything turned out well!  My facebook has lots of pictures of the boys at play posted.


Peter and I visit Mom

My brother Peter and I went to Arizona to visit my Mom. I flew to Salt Lake and drove down with Peter.  We had a lot of fun on our road trip!    Last winter Mom had a spell of hospitalization and illness and was too sick to make it out for Katrina's wedding, we were so happy to  find her recuperated enough to want to visit Kitt Peak with us and my sister Sara and her family and then to travel up to our old home in Prescott!  Mom and I are standing on Courthouse Square  in front of the Prescott Post Office Building (across the street) where we would visit my Dad in his office.  What a lot of great memories were brought back by this trip and visits to family and friends!  We were able to settle some affairs of Mom and all enjoy being together.  Peter, who is our family genealogist, shared some great family stories and took me to family history sites along the way.  We also just had fun together eating favorite foods and hanging out at interesting places.  The picture of me and Peter was taken at a bridge where we stopped and were taking pictures of California Condors . . . More pictures are posted on my facebook of this Arizona trip.  After being with all my sisters for my Dad's birthday, it was a special treat to be with Peter and my youngest sister and my Mom as well!  Mom is also going to use the plane ticket she bought for Katrina's wedding to make a trip to Texas this year, so we are looking forward to some more good times with family!


Daddy was always my Hero: Happy Birthday May 22, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD a.k.a. GRANDPA FRANK a.k.a. PRIVATE MAC!  88 years ago my Dad was born in the great state of Michigan.  His father was an Irish immigrant.  His mother died when he was very young.  He graduated from high school in Michigan and was supporting his Dad when war broke out.  At the age of 20 he decided to serve his country and joined the army.  He was trained on tanks, but ended up being sent to the Pacific Theatre with the 112th Cavalry.  His duty was Reconnaisance Patrol, riding as shotgun in a jeep ahead of his regiment, scouting.  All my life I heard stories from my Dad, so this year we decided to go the WWII Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, TX as part of his birthday celebration.  His four daughters came to celebrate with him, which made this very special for Dad.  (My brother is coming to see him this fall.)   The picture of Dad in front of the tank is an actual tank in the museum that is almost identical to the one Dad rode in.  In the picture of me and Dad together, I am pointing to the 112th Cavalry Plaque that is displayed along the "walk of honor" at the museum.     Dad has always been my favorite war hero!  One of the things that has made our country great were the common soldiers and common good men...and great Dads. . . like my Dad.  We met some of these wonderful veterans at the museum on Dad's birthday with their families at their side.  It was a great honor to be with these veterans  and with my Dad.    I love you, Daddy!