Tahiti Papeete Mission
L'Eglise de Jesus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours,
Mission Mormone, BP93
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Papeete Tahiti 98714
Polynesie Francaise


We are Thankful

Jons mashed potatoes

Issac (Squanto) and Lincoln (Captain Rex--of the Mayflower) act out the first Thanksgiving story.

Jacob waiting for the Turkey Trot to start

Thanksgiving 2010.  So much to be thankful for.  The gospel.  Our missionary and all those who faithfully serve. Our family.  Dear friends.  Jon's family was with for almost a week, Katrina and Gordon came and joined in the fun and Jacob was able to be here.  The weather was mild and pleasant so we played outdoors and in the parks.  Elijah loved playing outside and being with his Aunt Katrina.   Thanksgiving morning it turned cold.  We went to the Turkey Trot and watched Jacob run (too late for the little boys to sign up and so cold we were glad to escape after Jacob's very fast run when everyone else was still in the distance coming in:)  Home to cook together (and watch lots of football:)  Isaac and Lincoln baked rolls.  Isaac loved basting the turkey and seeing the orange inside (each time he pointed out the orange his eyes got very wide--no one can do wide eyes quite as well as Isaac:)   We had LOTS of mashed potatoes.  Jon and Jacob peeled a whole 10 pound bag.  They were yummy (we're still eating frozen ones).  Jon redeemed himself from the awful mashed potatoes of the year before and now knows exactly how to do it!   Lincoln was a pro on the Plasma Car, joined by Brother Isaac and the older (adult) kids (who couldn't get them going quite as fast:)  We went to the big Ice Show down at the Gaylord.  Inspired by their scrumptious (and Texas BIG) Gingerbread house display we came home to make some of our own.  Isaac and Lincoln are getting to be pros!  Lincoln played his violin for us and Isaac serenaded us with his piano solo being prepared for his first recital . . . he had some duets and trios with Gramma on the piano with him and Joseph on the violin. Anna and I and Kat got some Black Friday weekend shopping in and had fun venturing out on a couple of occasions.  Movies (The Original Cosby Kids and spouses revisited their childhood with HARRY POTTER the almost last installment, MEGAMIND with the kids, and lastly TANGLED with Kat and Gordie at the end of the holidaiy.  I really liked Tangled:)  Such FUN!  We are THANKFUL!

Joseph's 15th Birthday

Joe turned 15 on September 29th.  Wow!  Old enough to get a driver's permit.  Joe has been the light of our life.  Youngest.  Clothed in a Technicolor Dreamcoat since birth.  (His brother Jon played Joseph in the musical when Little Joe was a year old) . . .What more can I say?  Well, his brothers never, ever threw him in a pit, for one thing.  And there were only 5 . . .not 11, and a nice older sister.  He's had it good.  And so have we.  Happy Birthday Little Joe!

Isabelle's Tea Party, also starring Olivia

Great Gramma Nathala got new shoes for her birthday from the SAS shoe factory in San Antonio . . . and a new purse!  Martha brought tea sets from England and we had a tea party featuring herb teas, juice, and snacks including Danish Havarti cheese (very yummy!) to honor her English and Danish roots.  Isabelle got her own little mini tea set, which she loved.  She had a wonderful time at the tea party . . . and so did we!  Shoes, purse, and tea party, what more could you wish for?

Gramma Nathalas Visit

In September my mother came to visit us in Texas.  We had so much fun visiting with Gordie and Katrina.  (She had been too ill to attend their wedding) in Houston, Ben's family in San Antonio, and my cousin Kelly and her family in Temple.  We had an early birthday party to celebrate her 85th birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom!