Tahiti Papeete Mission
L'Eglise de Jesus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours,
Mission Mormone, BP93
(for pkgs add: Cours de L'Union Sacree)
Papeete Tahiti 98714
Polynesie Francaise


La Viva Loca!

Belle was so excited to have Grandpa and Grandma come visit for a few days. She was so anxious for them to come that we met them in their car outside as they drove up! We enjoyed Chipotle for dinner Friday night and a few rounds of Duck Duck Goose. We started our day early on Saturday with a trip to Krispy Kreme for breakfast. We then skipped naps and went to the San Antonio Zoo. Belle loved the beautiful South American butterfly exhibit as well as the rhinos...which she insisted we see immediately. When we were tired, hot and hungry, we headed back to Stone Oak for some pasta at a new restaurant near our home called BJ's. After a trip to Target to buy the latest Strawberry Shortcake movie, we ended our busy day at home with a movie and pajama party! Grandpa and Grandma had to leave early in the morning before Belle was awake, but it was a super trip. We enjoyed every minute of the quick 36 hour-trip and can't wait until next visit.

Grandpa and Grandma brought Belle a Curious George doll and story book as a gift and we have read George Feeds the Animals every day, at least once since! What more could a 2 year old ask for?



Friday, October 24 the grand-Cosby Kids welcomed a new member to their exclusive club.  NEW BABY SON, BROTHER, GRANDSON, and NEPHEW Elijah Packer Cosby is nesting with his parents Jon and Anna and brothers Isaac and Lincoln, who are practicing being angelic older brothers (note that practice does not equal perfection).  Grandma Walker is with the family for a couple of weeks, while Papa Van, Gramma Ruth, Uncle Seth and Uncle Joe are very excited to be seeing our little guy for Thanksgiving.  Pictures coming soon . . . Jon?


BYU Tragedy

Here are some pictures and video from our trip to Flower Mound. We had a great weekend, but you can see by the sad faces in the second picture how disappointing the BYU v. TCU game was...

Dad's impersonation of Lavell Edwards

Anna spends lots of time in her new toy from Grannie Annie! She loves it!
And so does Anna's mommy :)



Cosby 4th of July Reunion Activities

Waterpark (NR-H2O, Hawaiian Falls, or Hurricane Harbor)
6 Flags over Texas

Ride uncle Seth's (homemade) Kayak by Goatman's bridge
Fish with Uncle Joseph at Kid's Kastle pond + park play
Trail walks (feed ducks, tennis, playground available)
Get a Jamba Juice or Ice Cream Treat
March in Flower Mound 4th of July Kids Parade
4th of July Fireworks (late)

Trampoline Games with Uncle Seth and Joseph
Grandkids camp with Papa/Granny Mom & Dad go out
Sandbox and Kiddie pool fun
Playdough and fingerprint
Crafts with Gramma: Make a Reunion Teddy Bear
Storytime with Papa
Play with toys/watch movies in the grandkids spot
Play Ninetendo (sic) Wii with Uncles
Watch movies
Never dress and leave a mess: watch TV, leave debris
Outdoor Barbeque, Eat good food

Family Photos for Reunion Scrapbook/Memories
Daily Family devotional
Get to know your family & ancestors games [GAMES]
Preparedness Organization meeting


Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Van! This picture is a little late in coming, but I figure today is a good day for posting it. The boys had an incredible time camping with you and can't wait to see you again. Side note: I tried to find a picture without Isaac picking his nose, but that proved to be a pretty difficult task. :)



Pictures of grandchildren (including video of the newst beautiful grandchild, little Anna), sweet conversation with a missionary son (which only occurs semi-annually), calls from sons, dinner with daughter and sons that they clean up, flowers, and . . . a nerf ball shooter, could Mothers' Day get any better than this?

Tomorrow I will take my new nerf shooter to semnary and shoot all the kids who fall asleep (10 more days of 6:00 a.m. seminary clases), that is, if I can find it . . .

I am a fortunate mother to have 7 beautiful children. No matter what happens on any Mothers Day I always remember this. The secret of a great mothers day is to say thank you to your children for making you a mother. It is a great gift. To enjoy the privelege of watching another person grow, especially someone bonded to you in love, is a truly awesome experience, in the fullest sense of that word. The secret is, of course, to be able to enjoy the ride . . . oftentimes a wild ride! Motherhood is not for sissies. Here's looking forward to more adventure. Thank you Cosby Kids and Grandkids . . . it was a joy to hear your voices this Mothers' Day, with the delightful icing of Isaac, Lincoln, and Isabelle's "I Love yous" and little Annas newborn coos.

I LOVE YOU! Mom GrannieAnnie

Happy Mother's Day

Hi Mom! Happy Mother's Day! I thought I would place a post on your blog for my mother's day "card".

I just wanted to let you know that I love you and that I am very grateful to have such a wonderful mother. I'm glad that you took the time that you did when I was growing to spend time with me, and I am still thankful for the phone calls and emails. Thanks for being a great mother.

As a gift, I thought I would share some pictures of your newest grandchild on this blog, so here they are:

And a video...


Summer Reunion

Since Jon has taken a new job we won’t be going to New Hampshire this summer. We are planning the summer get-everyone together reunion ya’ll voted on at Thanksgiving for our (Flower Mound) house instead of Jon’s place. (We will be traveling to Lincoln this summer to see them, but since Sam has no college interests out there, I didn’t think everyone would want to try and come.)

Please vote on the weekend time period you think you would be able to attend the reunion (your best guess). We’re thinking of an extended weekend, come when you can:

July 4 (the 4th is a Friday this year)

July 24 Pioneer Day (the 24th is a TH)

August 8 Beijing Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies

It is our year for Christmas this year, but all may not be able to make it and Jacob won’t be there, so the consensus if you remember at the beach was that those who wanted to come for Christmas would and we would try to make an opportunity for everyone to get together over the summer. You won’t have to do anything for the reunion. Grandpa and I will run a Granny camp for the little ones and there will be plenty of watermelon and ice cream.

Congratulations to Jon on his new job. He always wanted to be Chief, so I’m sure he likes that word in his title. Sam pointed out that I have a Vice-President and a Chief from my two oldest sons, but in case you didn’t know Seth brought home a cake from Hobby Lobby last night with his name and a co-workers inscribed in blue icing as “Stockmen of the Year,” so try to beat that! (They convinced the lady who runs the cake decorating class to make them that, even further proof of his talent and ambition.) We have a Vice, a Chief, an attorney, an engineer, a missionary, and a stockman. Pretty good. But only one of you has “of the year” behind your title and a cake to prove it.

Love you,




Cosby Christmas

Here's a few pictures from Christmas in Flower Mound! Thanks again Van and Ruth for all the fun!